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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Winner of MTN's Aeroplane Promo inundated with marriage proposals

Winner of the much hyped MTN Aeroplane promo, Gladys Ebube Essien-Garricks has revealed that she has been inundated with marriage proposals from men after winning the 64 million naira prize money offered by MTN in place of the plane.

In an interview with the Punch newspaper, the 27 year old undergraduate said:  “People are calling to ask my parents if I am married, some others are giving them promises. Even on the Internet, I don’t have a Facebook account but someone has opened one in my name. If anyone is coming because of my money, I promise the person that he will not get a dime because I will make sure he doesn’t.” 

Could this gold digging attitude by some Nigerian men be as a result of increasing laziness or get rich quick syndrome among the youths? is it possible that a 27 year old undergraduate does not have a facebook account in this age of social media craze?.

I leave you with these questions to ponder on.

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