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Monday, 17 December 2012

Balotelli takes Manchester City to Tribunal over £340,000 fine

Mario Balotelli is taking Manchester City to a Premier League tribunal to overturn a £340,000 club fine.

The controversial Italian striker will appear before an independent two-man panel in London on ­Wednesday after being docked two weeks’ wages by the champions.

Sunday Mirror Sport reports that City handed down the fine after deciding that Balotelli was guilty of a series of breaches of discipline.

But the 22-year-old believes that the punishment is ­unjust.
After failing with an appeal to the club’s hierarchy, he ­instructed his agent to pursue City through a tribunal.

If Balotelli loses his appeal, he faces paying the five-figure costs of the hearing, as well as the fine.

The £170,000-a-week ­forward clearly sees that as a gamble worth taking.

But he also risks ­alienating himself even further from the club.
City’s Abu Dhabi-based owners are worried that Balotelli is giving the Blues a bad image with his ­constant indiscretions – on and off the field.

Manager Roberto Mancini is also beginning to waver in his support for a player described as “unmanageable” by Jose Mourinho while at Inter Milan.

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