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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Covenant University dismisses 200 students for Indiscipline

Information Nigeria.org claims a source has informed it that the authorities in Covenant University in Ota, Ogun state, South west Nigeria, known to be very strict in terms of moral upbringing and general discipline dismissed about 200 of its students for not living up to the schools ethos.

The online news portal said trouble for the affected students began when the Chancellor of the institution, Bishop David Oyedepo visited the school chapel unannounced and noticed that some students were loitering around the chapel, some talking and others playing while the Vice Chancellor was giving a speech in the school’s chapel.

It goes ahead to say that the very strict chancellor was very angry as a result of the  unruly behaviour of the students and immediately called on the Dean of Student Affairs, Mr Bassey, for a brief meeting outside the chapel, while other members of staff including the VC joined in the meeting.

It was also gathered that the students knowing the sanctions that can befall them started running into the chapel, scrambling for available seats while some boys who did not have ties on where seen looking for ways to acquire some,even a group of boys numbering up to five allegedly took a girl’s scarf and ripped it to shreds using the parts to produce makeshift ties in an attempt not to get into trouble.

It also reports that shortly after the brief meeting, the institution’s Education Secretary, Mrs Aize Obayan addressed the student, but noticed that as she was speaking, the students were murmuring.

The source said the Chancellor then walked up to the podium and politely took the microphone from Mrs Obayan and said ”if i hear the voice of any student, the curse of the Lord shall fall upon that one” and immediately, the chapel went dead silent.

The source further said that following this unruly behaviour of the students, the Chancellor spoke on the topic Discipline and his vision for the university that night and immediately he finished, the VC asked all students present to wait behind because a search was going to be carried out in all the halls in order to fish out students who did not attend the service.

He revealed that twenty-five final year students were caught, undisclosed number of lower level students while two others were caught smoking marijuana.

it was later confirmed by the source that 200 were expelled last Saturday.
The Bishop David Oyedepo privately owned university is known for its strict rules and discipline such as not allowing the students to use mobile phones within the school’s premises, while it is mandatory for students to always bring their bible to the general morning assembly and other rules too numerous to mention in this report.

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