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Monday, 30 September 2013

Nigeria at 53: a killing field?

Life-less bodies of students of the Yobe state college of Agriculture in Gujba community, Yobe state, North-East Nigeria, victims of another senseless  attack on innocent Nigerians by a mindless organisation disguising under the cloak of Islam to unleash untold hardship on law abiding and defenceless Nigerians.

The attack was swift and cowardly,  over 50 young men were murdered in their sleep by yet to be identified gunmen, all fingers point to the dreaded Boko Haram and the assumption is not far from the truth.

As their name suggests, Boko Haram (Western Education is Forbidden) have made it a duty to destroy anything western, including killing innocent Nigerians who are neither western nor armed.

The recent Westgate shopping mall attack by the al-shabab, a sister terrorist organisation to the Boko Haram, exposed the unpreparedness of developing countries in tackling the menace of terrorism, the attacks have shown that  the Kenyan security agencies are incompetent while their Nigerian brothers on the other hand have completely lost it, as attacks of this nature have become a re-occuring decimal with no end in sight.

The recent jovial reaction of President Goodluck Jonathan at the Presidential media chat on a question on the whereabout of the kingpin of the Boko Haram attacks (Abubakar Shekau) smacks of outright ineptitude.

 The Panelists wanted to know if Shekau was dead or alive and the President reacted thus..."I really dont know, i have not met Shekau and i dont know who he is, you guys from the media know more of these things than us"...whether that response was meant to be a comic relief only the President knows.

We all knew how the Americans hunted the "CEO" of Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, tracked him everywhere and nailed him, never in the pursuit of the "Father of terror" did they trivialise  the issue, they wanted him so bad, they got him and Americans are safer now.

As Nigeria marks her 53rd Independence anniversary tommorrow, October 1, i beseech the government to step up the security of Nigerians which should be one of their major concern as enshrined in the constitution, enough of these killings, Nigerians should no longer die like chickens.

I would have appealed to perpetrators of these violence to sheath their swords, but that appeal has been made on several occassions by well meaning Nigerians, but the desired result has not yet been seen.

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