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Friday, 11 October 2013

Mozambique deports Portugese coach for calling Mozambicans "thieves"

For calling Mozambicans thieves, coach of Costa do Sol football club in Maputo has been ordered to leave the country, latest Saturday, for what the Mozambican government described as lack of respect for the country.

Mozambique's Labour Minister Helena Taipo has expelled a Portuguese football coach for insulting the country, a former colony of Portugal.

Diamantino Miranda, the coach of the Costa do Sol club in the capital, Maputo, must leave by Saturday.

Last month, he was recorded saying that Mozambicans were "a bunch of thieves" after disagreeing with a refereeing decision.

He has apologised and cried at a press conference announcing his expulsion.
'Lack of respect'

The coach said he did not realise at first when making the comments that he was talking to a journalist - and that his words had been recorded.

In an emotional speech at a press conference called by Costa do Sol, one of the country's biggest teams, he said that he held the Mozambican people close to his heart.

"I hope that the truth will be restored and that one day I will return to Mozambique," Portugal's Publico newspaper quoted him as saying.
Source: BBC

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