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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Recent Videos of Boko Haram Leader, Shekau are Fake -U.S. Think-Tank

The United States Council on Foreign relations, a top US security think-tank and government advisory, apparently has recognized as fake the video released by AFP on November 4th, which showed the leader of the Boko haram sect, Ibrahim Shekau.

In this latest 33 second video, the “Shekau” was even further from the camera and only appeared to speak for just 10 seconds.

The latest video, released on Youtube, is perhaps the biggest sham in the history of terrorism media:

This latest sham video clip is very identical to the August video, also circulated by AFP, which US Council on Foreign relations discredited as that of an imposter, except it has a black drape over the old background and Shekau’s image appears to have green-light peripheral shine around it indicating super-imposition.

It appears “Shekau” did not wish to risk thorough investigation of “his” video clips and hence, he made it as blurry, as distant from the camera and as short as possible. 10 seconds only, enough time to say 5 words and quickly brush his ghost teeth!

Snapshot from September video is given below, also identified as fake by the U.S.:

ORE:  http://news.naij.com/51397.html
 Please note that the bulky green carpet is the same as in May video.
May 2013 picture is given below. No video ever shown to public: Green Screen Floating Head Ghost
The question the world asks is why? Why are the global media struggling so hard, more desperately each time to show dead Shekau as alive? Why are they promoting all sorts of glaringly fake video’s of the man? What is their gain? Who is struggling so hard to terrorize Nigeria with media propaganda of the bogey-monster?

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