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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Nigerian Student in Canada Escapes Deportation for Killing a Cat

An Ottawa judge has decided Bassey Okokon, 23, does not deserve to be locked up for throwing his roommate’s kitten against a wall and leaving it, convulsing, to die.

Okokon was sentenced Tuesday after pleading guilty earlier this month to an animal cruelty charge.

Okokon admitted he did it because he was angry and annoyed with the tabby named Braveheart, which had been scratching the carpet and couch on Feb. 11, 2013.

Defence lawyers had hoped even to spare Okokon a criminal record and asked for a conditional discharge.

But Judge Peter Wright found the Crown’s position more suitable, handing him a suspended sentence and 12 months of probation for the “very disagreeable, shameful offence.”

“Society has a very low tolerance for cruelty to animals,” Wright said.

Wright experienced this firsthand when a woman sought permission to present a petition, signed by 1,100 people, demanding the Nigerian student be kicked out of the country “for his heinous act of brutality.”

Wright declined to accept the petition.

Kelly Ann Wilson said she and the petition signers were “very appalled by the crime.”

“We are looking at trying to actually input a better animal abuse sentencing system,” she told the judge.

Immigration officials have said the engineering student could be removed from Canada.

Okokon will not be allowed to possess pets and must perform 20 hours of community service during the first six months of his probation.

Source: Information Nigeria

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