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Friday, 20 June 2014

Happy Birthday to My Mum Gladys Onyekozuru Echianu

My dearest and sweet mother is a year older today, i wrote her a letter, a tribute as a token of appreciation for all she has been to me.

Dear mum,

As you add one more year today, I can't thank God enough for keeping you.
The 7 kids you lovingly brought into this world are all adults now, the young man you married over thirty years ago is almost an old man, the grace of God which we connected through you by your ceaseless prayers and good heart has continued to sustain us.
When the devil brought ill health upon you, the plan was targeted at not just you, but the entire family, but it failed woefully as you have continued to defy all odds.
I look back over the years at the exemplary life which you have lived as we grew under you: virtues such as humility, truthfulness, forgiving heart, hard work, love and many others were part of your every day life.
You are not like the ordinary "Sunday, Sunday" Christian as we mostly have these days, rather your life is your gospel to the world, your meekness did not defy courage as you always spoke the truth no matter whose Ox is being gored. You loved all: your children and children of others, as long as you were concerned there shouldn't be discrimination in love.
Your generousity knew no bounds as you were always ready to share your last kobo, it seemed absurd sometimes to us but you never bothered, you knew who you are- a daughter of Zion and a virtuous woman indeed.
I'm so grateful to God for giving me the best mother in the world, that's exactly what you are.
On behalf of your loving husband, the rock behind you, Meshack "Ezeora" Echianu, your two lovely daughters; Amarachi Nwakaego and Blessing Ebere, your legal luminary Francis Ugochukwu, my humble self, the European contingent; Alex Amuche and Macben Ifeanyi and your sweet little boy Sampson Chijioke who has just made you proud with a second class degree (upper level) in Computer science, we say happy birthday mummy, may God's love, grace and mercy continue to shine on you, we love you and hope to see you around many years from now.

Your son

Chinedu Chikadibia Echianu

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