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Thursday, 25 September 2014

South African Pastor Offers his Congregation Petrol to Drink

Someone once described these so called men of God as the most dangerous people in the African continent, while i think that might be an over exaggeration, but what this South African pastor s doing to his congregation calls for concern.

Pastor Lesego Daniel the pastor who was seen in a
shocking video months back, forcing his
congregation to eat grass and in another
commanded the foetus in pregnant women to dance, is at it again this
time giving his congregation petrol to drink.
In a new video, the pastor prayed for a bottle
containing petrol to be turned to pineapple juice. He
then offered it to his church members who
clamoured desperately to have a drink of the petrol
as the pastor preached and encouraged them.Members of the church exclaimed
how "sweet" and "nice" it tastes, comparing it to
"Iron Brew" and "pineapple juice".
Some of them were even begging the pastor to
"please give us some more".

Source: SkyBlings Entertainment

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