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Friday, 17 July 2015

iPositive by Sandra Ikeri

Every morning weekdays, I step out to my bus stop I see children walking to school often in pairs. With a close look at them I see determination on their faces mixed with the eagerness to arrive early in school.

Various colours of school uniforms in different direction making them all together smart and beautiful.
They walk purposefully with their fine sandals, although some are worn out and oversized, they nevertheless remain focused. Lunch boxes of different sizes while some with none at all save a well protected pack of biscuits. They glow with their oiled faces from Vaseline even as they walk together in their droves some hand in hand while others just on their own. Each child looking out for the other.
The “privileged” ones are seen on motor bikes-okada, and the more privileged are seen in cars staring out of the Windows. But in all of these, I see one common thing- the hope of a bright future! The dream to live and serve their father land, to have a befitting future, better than what their parents had.
I look at them with a nagging apprehension, saying to myself, they shouldn't grow to meet the same system we live in, where corruption, unemployment and political manipulations are the order of day amongst other ills. 'They deserve better'... I say to myself slowly. And like Martin Luther King; I DREAM. I look forward to the CHANGE we have been promised. I don't ask a miracle of this wind of CHANGE, I only desire that it sets the platform for subsequent restructuring. Where the Children of today won't grow up feeling disappointed in their FATHERLAND (like most youths and adults presently feel) robbed of the future even before they had one. A society where the aspiration of the average young person on the street is not to travel abroad (by any means) for greener pastures. A Nigeria where every mother wakes up to prepare her little child for school and would not be haunted by the uncertain future of her child, as represented by the joblessness of the eldest child, or the unpaid salary of the husband, and an epileptic power supply that has made all her children use kerosene lamps to read.
I know the change is coming. It begins with a mindset; The public office holder who sees his office as trust, the civil servant who has a sense of responsibility to the country, the Entrepreneur who would pay tax rather than offer bribe to evade it. The father who will inculcate in his child the Sprit of Excellence, this I noted in The Book, My Vision — Challenges in the Race for Excellence BY Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. In chapter 2, He wrote...I learnt from my Father to always strive to conquer the impossible...He concluded the chapter by saying ...NATIONS ARE ONLY AS SUCCESSFUL AS THEIR YOUNGER GENERATION...
WE CAN SHAPE THE FUTURE make it work through our words, actions and inaction, and not forgetting the place of MENTORSHIP, because I know the readers of this post are already leaders and potential leaders. Let’s shape our Present and Future of the younger ones. It begins with US.

Sandra ikeri is still discovering herself. she writes as the words forms in her head. She tweets @ikeriikeri.


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