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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Jack of All Trade by Sandra Ikeri

Sandra Ikeri drops her second write up for Nedu Echianu's Blog, enjoy...

It was quite an exciting atmosphere filled with laughter and hugs. Everyone looked quite happy. It’s been two years and some months since we graduated from the University. We were at our friend’s wedding, all of us being former course mates. This also doubled as a reunion as most people had travelled from afar, there were lots of catching up to do, teasing and laughter, you could hear the popular phrases that characterized such gatherings; ”…long time o…you guys look good.
“…abeg hook me up nau..
“…you too you look fresh o…abegi no dey wash me (don’t lie to me)
“…I want to be like you when I grow up.”
 We were all friends of the bride, most of us had not seen each other after our final year exams in the university. I bumped into my friend I had always loved teasing, upon seeing each other after such a long time, I started teasing her again (I always call her fine girl);
Me: Ah Ah fine girl…where have you been…you look really good as usual!
Fine girl: Ehehh…O you have started o. Good to see you. I have been seeing your fine fine pictures on Facebook!
Me: Abegi you know say Facebook no dey always talk true.
So what have you been up to these days? 
Am sincerely amazed at all of us! (We both laughed at this because none of us present was doing anything directly related to our BSc degree)
Fine girl: My dear I have been into so many things o. I just started sewing sef, I have learnt catering, make up join sef, but I stopped halfway. I even wanted to learn bead making but I didn’t, because I don’t have the patience. So I decided to sew, that’s  what I’m into right now. I honestly feel I can do everything in mind shaa. But then I decided I had to learn how to do one thing and DO IT properly.
The words of my friend…‘I had to learn how to do one thing and DO IT properly’…were strongly imprinted on my mind throughout that day even into the celebration, not because they were offensive, but like her this was also my story. I dey feel like superwoman, I learnt bead making, started catering (stopped halfway), started contemplating on learning sewing but decided against it (I didn’t have the patience for it), thought of a business but needed capital to start, so I got a job with intentions of saving for a business (but I originally wanted to be a Financial Consultant). But then the salary is not regular, savings is close to zero (not like I have a bad spending habit). With every passing day I feel like my dreams are slowly slipping away like the sands of the sea shore between my fingers.
So I wondered and pondered what; is the way out of this? How did I get here?
As young people after graduation we have lots of ideas, full of energy and life, with the NYSC Scheme (one of the most debated topics among young people as to its relevance, you be the judge) we have more dreams. The ever increasing rate of unemployment makes your brain boot well.
Now You are not lazy, you are energetic, you even got a postgraduate degree, done all the right things like you have been advised, written your business plan in black and white etc. But you seem to want more…
So how do you get the ball rolling towards your goals as a young person? What happens when the market does not match your ideas? Your plans seem to be far far away from your reality. Even when the ‘good Jobs’ come, it has lots of criteria’s and when you meet most of them, age might deal you the final blow.
So how does a young person strive in the face of these challenges?
How do you harness your energy, ideas and skills to achieve what you sincerely desire to be especially when YOU ARE A JACK OF ALL TRADE? Join me in the next write up maybe by then I would make some suggestions on the best way of harnessing your talent.
….To be continued

Sandra Ikeri is a guest writer on Nedu Echianu’s Blog.
She is a graduate of Economics, a writer, entrepreneur, and tweets @ikeriikeri


  1. I am sometimes tempted to conclude that our educational system is an adverventure laced with shoddiness. i wouldnt want to delve into the case of other disturbance variables bedeviling our systems of doing things in Nigeria. But the whole systems of equation is also laced with and inter-twined with various variables, some influencing while others being influenced. Not withstanding though, there is a need for us to go into our inner self to ask ourselves what we really want to do or be. Start small and garner experience for ourselves as the saying goes pursue excellence and success will follow you. Nice write up @ Ikeri! "I want to be like you" smiles


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