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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Woman Refuses To Break Into Expensive BMW To Save Her 3-Year-Old Son's Life

 I just stumbled on this shocking news on Tori.ng and i thought you all should see it, its said that a Mothers love for her child knows no bound, but the Chinese woman in the news you are about to read seems to love a BMW more than she loves her own child.

A woman in China has gained fame for putting her three year old son's life at risk when she refused to break into an expensive BMW car when it locked, trapping the toddler in it.
The unidentified woman has sparked an outburst after she refused to allow firefighters to break into her car to save her toddler son from the heat because the vehicle was too expensive to damage.
The mother was unable to open the door of her BMW when it accidentally locked itself and her three-year-old son was trapped inside and was suffering in the heat as no windows were open.
Firefighters who arrived at the scene in Yiwu city, China, were about to break the glass to rescue the boy, but his mum told them she wanted to wait for a locksmith instead so the car would not be damaged.
Shocked onlookers watched  in horror as the toddler cried inside the vehicle as the oxygen levels rapidly dropped.
Despite the mother’s desire to wait, firefighters eventually took over when the boy started to faint and they smashed the glass window to rescue him.
One of the firefighters was quoted as saying: “It’s very dangerous to leave children inside cars, especially in such heat. It can threaten a child’s life in a very short time.”
 The woman was slammed on social media, with one person writing: "Screw the car, it can be fixed but your child cant be. Good job fire department Better yet, why not just have her kid taken away? She was so prepared to let him die for her car. Give him to a family"
         "Looks like the car window is her real son," , another twitter user furious with the woman's action wrote.


  1. Can u imagine, that woman needs to be flogged....just negodu

  2. Flogged? No nah! Locked in a car herself for a while under the heat too. That way she knows who being close to death means. Vanity!!!


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