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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Massive Corruption in NFF Is Hindering Football Development in Nigeria - Emeka Ezeugo

Ex Super Eagles defender, Emeka Ezeugo seems to have lost total confidence in the ability of football administrators in the country to take the game to the next level, it does not end there as he is also accusing sports writers and some of his colleagues (ex Internationals) of colluding with the football administrators to rob the country of the much needed resources which ought to be used to develop the sport.
Writing on his Facebook page, Ezeugo described the goings on in the Glass House thus...

Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), an organization that's about everything but football. The last man at the helm of its affairs couldn't write his name or read a speech prepared by a seasoned speech writer. Now we got an Arsenal fanatic whose claim to football fame will always be basking under the shadow of his Delta state brother in-law.
Nigeria’s sports media operatives are aware of what I'm talking about but they have continued to cover up these impostors who have nothing to offer Nigerian football. Rabies-ridden attack dogs like Callistus Ebare and Patrick Omorodion will soon be unleashed to attack Emeka Ezeugo while the more cultured protection are provided by veteran sports journalists like Paul Bassey and my great friend Onochie Anibeze who ceased to relate with me because i refused to condone the operations of the cabal that's destroying football in exchange for a plum job like my comfortable colleagues who will never see the bigger picture that they are neglecting in exchange for a pittance that's so ephemeral. 
Some idiots would peruse through this an say that I am jealous of those selected as National team coaches coordinators, or technical committee members ignorant of the fact that I have been offered these jobs twice and I declined by informing them that my philosophy of the game is poles apart from whoever they selected as head coach. Football in Nigeria will grow leaps and bounds when my colleagues in the National team quit thinking about themselves and start spying on the bigger picture. You’re in the technical committee or a coach, so what? What value have you added to football and the national team? What have you brought to the table, has the game, players and facilities improved, what technical inputs have you articulated since you came on board or has it been a union of dunces who get excited about a few dollars more in the bank balance?
Amaju has nothing to offer Nigerian football no matter what the media fed you, they're just attracted by the loot. Funny that is only crumbs that they see and still lose their minds over it. Some journalist told me on Facebook that he would die for Maigari because he got an all expenses paid trip to Brazil. The same Maigari praise singers were inherited by Amaju.
I cry alone every day when educated people tell me since you can't beat them just join them and be their sycophant. I have cried so much through their lectures that I have no tears left to cry. I am still crying without tears while my colleagues and well-meaning Nigerians are enjoying the rat race, hunting rodents while their house is on fire.

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