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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Hurray! Nedu is a Year Older Today

December 1 is here again, it's not just my birthday but that time of year i look back at the years gone by and try to make meaning of life and it's purpose.

Before I go on, I want to thank God almighty for making it possible for me to see another milestone in my life, just like my name (Chinedu) suggests; He has continually led me through; difficult times, confused times, weird times, really emotional and psychologically traumatic times and so on.

In all, I always see reasons to march on, after all they say Rome was not built in a day, but no matter how long it takes, this Rome of mine must be built, though the completion date might tarry a while but definitely, this is one project that God will never abandon.

In retrospect I look back at the beginning which I ll share with you all, I was born to the family of Mr and Mrs. Meshack and Gladys Echianu in the commercial city of Aba, Abia state South East Nigeria, I know my friends and associates will be surprised at this, because most actually thought I was born in Port Harcourt in Rivers state where I virtually spent my childhood-well, clarification is usually the major reason for write ups like this isn't it?

I left Aba at a very tender age and moved over to Port Harcourt, where my Father's business interests were located.

I still have memories of the Garden city of Nigeria as Port Harcourt was known then, it's vibrant night life, clean and serene environment and above all the peace that pervaded the city until the menace of militancy struck years later.

Being the third child in a family of seven, (five male and two female) we grew up under a father whose strict mode of parenthood is legendary, my dad a veteran of the Nigeria-Biafra war is someone who abhors laziness and places so much value on education which he will always insist is the major Avenue to success.

As for my kind and gentle mother, her story is one I hope to compile for the future generations, a patient and morally upright woman, she is the best mother anyone can have, it is a fact I have no doubt about.

As for my siblings, Ugochukwu, Nwakaego, Amuche, Ebere, Ifeanyi and Chijioke, they make up a family that is destined for greatness, more love and cohesion is what I pray for this day, being branches from the same root, we are stuck together and that is where the strength of brotherhood lies.

From the Nigeria Navy primary school in Borokiri, to Bereton college in old GRA, Port Harcourt, the capital of oil rich Rivers state will always be a home to me despite IMO being my state of origin.

Meanwhile, as the clock of my life continues to tick, other Nigerian cities like Calabar in Cross River state, Dutse in Jigawa state and Abuja, the Federal Capital territory all played major roles in shaping my life.

Haven acquired my first degree in political science from the University of Calabar in Cross River state in 2004 from where I moved to Dutse, the Jigawa state capital in North East Nigeria for my mandatory NYSC scheme in 2006 and currently residing in Abuja, the federal capital territory, I would say I have traversed this massive land called Nigeria.

In as much as I don't intend to turn this write up into a complete auto-biography, (hoping to do that later) all the same, I hope I have succeeded in giving you glimpse of my story, urging you to keep watching this space cos you ain't seen nothing yet.

To all my relatives, friends, colleagues, associates and well wishers I thank you for your love and kindness, without you my story won't be complete, for those I might have offended one way or the other, I hereby tender an unreserved apology and for those that have pissed me off too, I still got love for y'all, things can only get better so will I.

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