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Monday, 4 January 2016

Black people on South African beach reignites race row

A row has broken out in South Africa after an estate agent put up a Facebook post calling black people on a beach once reserved for whites in the eastern city of Durban "monkeys", local media reports.
Penny Sparrow later deleted her post and apologised, saying she did “not mean it to be a personal insult to anyone".
Many black people go to Durban's beaches during the festive season since apartheid ended in 1994.
Ms Sparrow's comments have caused a furore on Twitter, with South Africans commenting under the hashtags #Racistsmustfall and #racismmuststop:
Some of the tweets goes thus:

"We can't shy away from the fact that racism exist and we experience it on a daily basis...#racistsmustfall"

"Why are we acting all shocked though? These people even name their pets Sipho, thabo etc! #PennySparrow #ChrisHart #racistsmustfall"


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