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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Nigerian laments $2.1billion arms deal fraud (A must read)

The write up you are about to read is going viral on social media, (whatsapp and others) it was purportedly written by one Femi Otegbola and it's what I would call a lamentation on the $2.1billion arms deal, please read...

I really want to sleep but I'm tempted to write this to all who had been saying rubbish concerning the ongoing Dasuki gate of $2.1bilion.
I think many don't know how much 2 billion dollars worth and what it could achieve. So they de-euphemise the gravity of the offence….as at the time of sharing that money last year..A dollar was about 220 naira..
So if you calculate the worth of 2.1bilion in naira.. That's a whooping 525 billion naira..
Ahhhhhhh.. Half a trillion Naira..
In a country where the whole of Lagos state get between 9 to 10 bilion naira as monthly allocation
even at the height of oil boom.. I'm not sure it's up to that..
This is to cater for the needs of over 25 million people in Lagos..
So in a year, Lagos alone at the height of oil boom could only access 120 billion naira in a year.. And if
paid regularly the amount Dasuki squandered could take care of Lagosians comfortably for 5years..
Oyo State allocation is around 4. 5 billion in to cater for about estimated 10milion people in Oyo State..
They could be wrong but census had about 5milion as the Last time so in a year oyo State could only access About 50bilion!
And it will take the whole oyo State 10 years at least to finish 500bilion plus..
Ahhhhhhh and you people out there are so audacious to be clamouring for the release of this kind of animals who care less about the lives of fellow human beings. For God's sake there are 1000 pieces of 1milion in a billion..
I mean 1milion naira in 1000 places..
If you wake up in the morning and you spend 1milion naira daily, you will only manage to spend 365 to 366milion naira in a year and it may take you like 4years to squander 1bilion naira if you live moderately on 1milion naira per day as allowance so 500bilion would take how many years to finish.. (about 2000 years)
Only a Mad man could do that.. That's why psychiatric tests should be done for these people..
Dasuki is just over 60 years old and at worst he will have 30 more years to live in this sinful world, tell me.. Can he ever spent that much before he dies.??? Why are we so wicked in this country..???
So far these are the list identified
Peter Odili N100m
Rasheed Ladoja. N100m
Attahiru Bafarawa. N100m
Mahmud Aliyu Shinkafi. N100m
Jim Nwobodo. N500m
Tony Anenih. N260m
Bode Goerge. N100m/$30,000
Yerima Abdullahi. N100m
Olu Falae. N100m
Tanko Yakassai. N63m
Gen Bello Sarkin Yaki. N200m
Raymond Dokpesi. N2.1b
Iyorchia Ayu. N345m
BAM Properties. N300m
Dalhatu Investment. N1.56b
Mohammed Bello Haliru and son N300m
Bello Matawalle. N300m
ACACIA Holdings. N60m
Bashir Yuguda. N1,950,000
Olisa Metuh. N400m
Nduka Obaigbena. N670m
Guild of Editors. N50m
Isa Jafaru. N160m
I'm not a good mathematician but if you sum this up Buhari hasn't recovered 25 billion from the misappropriated arms fund alone yet you want him to give Zuzuki or what is name is bail just because
of democracy..
Democracy my foot..
For God sake.. We are not talking about the yearly allocation for security oo..
Just the one we call extra budgetary funds.. What if Buhari looks at how the annual security votes were been spent in the last 6 years, we will weep for this country, yet they still misappropriated a whooping 2.1bilion dollars!!!!
We are yet to talk of various funds under Deziani, not what Tukur did at Railway, not what Fani Kayode did at Aviation despite innocent death from air crashes...
Why Nigerians.. This isn't an APC/PDP fight.. Fight for your right, fight for your lives, fight for your immediate
children.. Fight for your grand children.. Instead some are foolishly crying for Biafra forgetting to fight those who destroyed Nigeria. Fight those people first before you ask for your country Biafra because if/when you leave those destroyers would leave with you and eventually destroy your new country if
you ever get it..
Boko haramists are senseless.. Let me leave you alone for I'm sad and broken hearted for now..

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