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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Be strong! Words of wisdom to surmount life's challenges

Living is not for the weak! If you must succeed in life you must be strong...Strong to know that storms will come and you need to face and overcome them;Strong to know that no matter how nice you are not everyone would like you...You can't just please everyone,so you need to face your haters.

Trust me,the world is full of people who want to mess with you and if you are weak you are finished.

Being strong doesn't mean fighting physically,it means being calm as a dove and wise as a serpent! In our Nigeria slang we would say "use your head!" My people "use your head"

The weak die twice. Weak people give up so easily. Weak people are tired of life. Weak people think of suicide. Weak people are so scared of taking bold steps. Weak people are so afraid to fail. Weak people are so scared of what people would say.

You need to be strong to dilute negative assumptions made about you because people will always talk.

If you are not strong to face the world it's a pity you'll always be sorrowful and unhappy. No matter what comes your way,face it like a lion,be strong. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger!

When life gets tough,it's only the tough that gets going!

Be strong!!!

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