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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

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  1. Useless idiots going to eat rice and drink Fanta at NASS.
    Is it NASS that caused the scarcity of petrol?
    Is it NASS that caused the scarcity of Dollar to common Nigerians while the presidency and his selected few still have free access to Dollars?
    Is it NASS that caused the high prices of food stuff in the market?
    Is it NASS that caused the zero light since the resumption of office of this APC lying government?
    Is it NASS that told the president to live inside aero plane from day one till date while the nation is burning in fire?
    Is it NASS that caused the President to refuse to stopped the killings of innocent people in Agatu, Lagos and recently in Enugu?
    Is it NASS that caused the padding of budget and the allocation of 450million for electrical wiring of Aisha house to the gate?

    Nonsense, when fuel is 250naira per litre and you foolish occupiers had to sleep in filling stations for days without buying a liter none of you could occupy any street in Nigeria.

    May those that sponsor the rice and stew and Fanta prepared for you never see success in their lives since they decide to play politics with the lives of Nigerians.


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