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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Foods you should reduce as you age

In order to stay healthy, people need to be mindful of what they eat. Every food has its own effect on the body, and there are certain foods that can be too much for the body to handle or over stretch it particularly when one is getting older.
Consultant Endocrinologist, University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Prof. Felicia Anumah said as one ages there are changes that occur in the body which push it towards disease naturally.

She said if we don’t want to end up that way, then we must change behavior at some point, “whether you have diabetes or not or there is diabetes in your family or not , as you age you need to begin to reduce the amount of oil, sugary things and salt you take, because with age, your blood sugar will naturally rise and there are certain changes in the blood vessels that will make them get blocked.”
She advised that oil should be taken in small amounts no matter what type it is, adding that soups with too much oil are very unhealthy.
She also said it is not the name of the food that is important but the amount or quantity of the food, explaining that if you take too much of different foods at once it is bad for the health and work done is zero.
Another food to reduce the intake of is beef, she said this contains a lot of bad oil. “As you age, reduce the amount of beef that you take. If you want to eat chicken, remove the skin because the skin contains bad oil. Those who say the skin is the sweetest part need to be careful.
“When the bad oil in your blood is too high, it blocks the blood vessels, particularly the ones to the heart ,the ones to the brain, and the ones to the legs particularly for people who have diabetes,” she said.
The expert said there is need to change behavior or lifestyle at some point, saying if one wants to be healthy at 40 you start to do your change at 20. “Because if you wait till you are 40 years old, some damages would have already taken place. So this changes should start as early as possible,” she advised.
Prof. Anumah also decried the practice by parents who buy their children ice cream, chocolates or whatever they ask for saying they are unknowingly killing them slowly.
She said:“From the beginning, you have to teach your children to eat right so that when they are adults, they wouldn’t depart from it. I did a project on diabetes prevention in secondary schools and worked with over 20 secondary schools in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Whenever I visit these schools during break, I see them with doughnuts and bottles of coke ,even day students who come from their homes are given money by their parents to buy doughnuts and coke.”
She said parents have become so lazy that they cannot prepare healthy food and put in containers for their children to take to school. Warning that we are looking for trouble because Nigeria does not have the capacity to handle the consequence, and the earlier we make these changes the better for us.

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