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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Leicester City stun the big boys of English football

The odds were 500-1, this modest Leicester City side have in over one hundred years of their existence been drifting from the lower rung of the league to the top division.
No one saw this coming, the modest side only escaped relegation to the championship last season through the skin of their teeth.
With a collection of modest players and a manager who himself has never won a trophy in his over thirty years as coach, Leicester City suddenly became a team that was hard to beat, grinding out results and defending their goal line tenaciously, it was so hard to push them over.
As at January this year, a couple of Arsenal fans boasted that they would win the Premiership this season after several years of waiting for the top gong, but that was not to be, Leicester City - the Foxes - were unfolding a historic triumph that will certainly be a tale that players, manager and management of the team will tell their children and children's children.
After massive activity in the transfer market, Manchester United could not measure up to the tradition the fans were used to in years past, Chelsea were were Champions and has ended up losing out in a Champions League spot, Spurs dreamed of a great opportunity to reclaim glory but it was never to be, Manchester city on their part have reached an unprecedented Uefa Champions League semi final and have taken their feet slightly off the gas, but still anticipating a Champions League spot if they fail to win Europe's holy grail this season.
It has really been a fantastic season in England, fans all over the world have sat at the edge of their seats throughout the season and it has climaxed in a victory for the unexpected.
Congratulations to the Foxes, Premier League Champions for the 2015-2016 season, it was a victory deserved and one that no one, yet again will be putting their money on for a replication next season, at least not me, I won't put a dime on this one, but let the team savour their victory while it lasts and a place in Europe to rub shoulders with more accomplished opponents in a continent that has turned the game of Football to a massive money spinning competition.
Once again, a very big congratulations to Leicester City.

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