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Monday, 15 August 2016

The Perfect Guide To Finding The Best Hotel Deals In Lagos

Never have to pay excessively or extra with these useful tips I’m going to be showing you. Since it is not possible to have a relative or friend in every nook and cranny of the earth, you may surely need to make a hotel reservation if you are heading to Lagos, especially on a business trip – as this allows you the benefit of staying somewhere very close to where your business meeting, conference or seminar is going to hold.

Should you just click the exit button right now or move to the next article since you are not a business traveler? No, not at all! These tips also come in handy for everyone who is looking to book a hotel in Lagos – honeymooners, leisure travelers and EVERYONE. So read on!
First thing you need to know is, you do not have to get to Lagos to start knocking from one door of a hotel to the other, looking for a room rate that fits your budget or worst still – space. You can do that right from the comfort of your home even before you land in Lagos – there are a handful of hotel reservation websites that can be very helpful for you – like Jumia Travel for instance.
So here are 5 tips to help you find the best hotel deals in Lagos:

·         Book On Time
Booking on time gives you a lot of options as rooms in hotels you may desire are yet to be fully booked. Also, many hotels raise the hotel room rates once they have just few rooms left - they save it for who is willing to pay more at the nick of time (last minute). 

·         Sort By Deals
Many hotel booking websites give you the option to sort by deals. You would usually get this under the ‘filter’ bar or ‘sort by’ option. Always look out for this on the upper right/left side of the hotel list page.

·         Follow a Hotel Reservation Website
Get easily aware of hotel deals in Lagos by following the social media pages of  hotel reservation website or subscribing to their newsletter. With this, you can keep abreast of promo codes, discounts and other hot deals available.

·         Explore Before Booking
Do a little research for ongoing discounts and promo codes you can apply to cut down booking costs. Some hotel reservations website offer discounts up to 15 percent for first timers or new subscribers that join their mailing list or newsletter. 

·         Contact a Travel Consultant
You think it’s a tedious process? Then easily put a call through to a hotel reservation website of your choice and speak to a Travel Consultant that will handle the whole process for you. All you need to do is state your budget and expectations, then relax to get a feedback.

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