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Thursday, 2 March 2017

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Men cut open anaconda's belly but did not expect to see THIS

Three ramblers discovered the monster snake unconscious while enjoying a stroll with their pet dog.

And – despite the dangers – the trio decided to investigate what creature lay inside the creature's belly.

In terrifying footage – the giant snake lies in sand and grass paralysed-.

Hoping the killer creature is of no danger, one of the men approaches it with a large knife.

He then begins to delicately slice open the snake's stomach so he can take a look inside.

And the men were surprised by what they found – a slimy, dead anaconda.

The three metre-long reptile lies lifelessly in a curled up ball and the men begin to pull the creature out so they can see the huge beasts side by side.

To safeguard them from an attack one man beats both snakes over the head with a machete to ensure they are dead before continuing their walk.

Daily Star

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